Digital vignettes and Road-Tolls? No more stickers?

Easily and digitally registered to your license plate.

3 simple steps

Quick and easy - Here's how:

Choose Toll-product

Select the toll product you want (digital vignette and/or digital route toll). The toll calculator shows you which toll products you need on your trip.

Specify license plate & pay

Order the desired product by specifying your license plate number and pay by credit card, PayPal or one of many other payment methods (Sofortüberweisung, Giropay, EPS, iDeal, etc.).

Start driving immediately, no sticker needed!

You can start driving a few minutes after ordering. The toll product is registered digitally on your license plate at the toll station. You do not have to affix a sticker. With us, you do not have an 18-day waiting period, but can start immediately!

No waiting period and start driving immediately!

You do not have an 18-day waiting period. Your license plate will be registered immediately at the toll station and you can start driving right away!

You basically need the digital vignette on the highways in Austria. On some more elaborate routes, you will also need the route toll. Just use our Toll-Calculator to find out which toll products you need on your way.

Registration with the digital vignette is usually completed within 30 seconds to 2 minutes. After successful registration you will receive a confirmation by e-mail and at the end of the ordering process as a download in PDF format. The vignette is now valid. Please note that the digital route toll is not linked to a date, but to "journeys". However, here too, it is important that the registration is completed within 30 seconds to 2 minutes and is then valid. You will receive a confirmation in the same way as for the digital vignette.

For a car, digital registration is sufficient. It is not necessary to carry the confirmation with you to use the routes in Austria. However, if technical problems occur and your license plate number is not automatically recognized, you may otherwise have to pay for a single trip. This can be prevented by carrying the confirmation with you. Motorcyclists who register for a digital road toll ticket must carry a printout with them, as automatic registration is not possible here.

A sticker is no longer necessary, registration is sufficient.

You can pay with PayPal, credit card, online banking (Sofortüberweisung, Klarna) or direct debit.